YPC FRLs Now in Stock!

We are happy to announce that our YPC airline equipment has arrived. Because this is our first run, our stock is limited, but as demand rises, we will increase our stock levels.

Air preparation with filters, regulators, and lubricators is useful to prevent damage to equipment and reduce production losses due to contaminant-related downtime. These products also help guarantee the efficiency and durability of pneumatic tools.

C Series – F+R+L and brackets unassembled.
C Series – F+R+L assembled with regulator downwards.
C Series – F+R+L assembled with regulator upwards.

We have 1/4″ NPT, 3/8″ NPT and 1/2″ NPT in stock for:

  • F Series – Air Filters
  • F Series – Air Filters w/ Auto Drain
  • R Series – Air Regulators
  • L Series – Air Lubricators
  • FR Series – Piggyback Air Filter-Regulators
  • FR Series – Piggyback Air Filter-Regulators w/ Auto Drain

C Series (F+R+L) and FC Series (Piggyback FR+L) may be ordered assembled or unassembled. We are also able to assemble any number of parts together upon request, example: F-F-R-L.

We also brought in a couple of HVS 300-10, 3/8″ NPT Pressure Relief Valves. These provide a convenient way of isolating supplied pressure in a pneumatic system and exhausting downstream pressure for maintenance purposes. The units can be locked in the exhaust position and can be an integral part of an energy isolation system. Air flow direction is identified by handle orientation and labeling.

Please note that we are able to bring in any YPC products found in their catalogs. YPC’s range of products also includes:

  • Air Cylinders
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Air Operated Valves
  • Mechanical Valves

YPC catalogs may be found here:
Yonwoo Pneumatic Co (YPC) – FRLs, Valves, Other – Google Drive

Please contact SPC Company for more information, pricing, or any questions. Tel: 310-320-3748. Email: spc@spctrade.com.

FC Series – FR+L assembled.
HVS-300-10 (NPT) Pressure Relief Valve


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